DUH:  Journalist highights NYPD recommending iPhone users upgrade to iOS 7 for the security feature but the police ignored a similar feature on Android phones released a month ago.  Perhaps Android users are more tech savvy than iPhone users; that has been my experience.  Disclaimer:  I own neither. I am pretty much a dinosaur.


Free drawing program to check out:  Inkscape



EXCEL PROBLEM -- I couldn't click any of the menus.  The problem was that multiple worksheets had been inadvertently selected. Shift-click solved the problem.
Found the solution here.  Thanks.


HATING WALMART:  I have been disappointed that the box store going in down the road was a [frumpy] Walmart and not a [sexy] Target and then I realized:

Walmart sells ammo; Target does not.

I feel better now.
A DRUDGE JUXTAPOSITION -- I see it finally, maybe.  This past week Obama presented his gun control plan.  All the talk about firearms and the Second Amendment's preservation has the country ignoring the looming fiscal disaster.

Drudge ends the week with this set of photos:

The Algerian Special Forces failed to rescue the hostages held at the natural gas plant; everyone ended up dead. I wondered what genius in the State Department made the call that rescuing what was left of 23 international hostages held by 32 militants linked to Al Qaeda was a job for the Algerian army. The Algerian army?  Really?

Most of the photos are of people bearing arms one way or another. Bearing arms, get it? But not everyone; and then I realized the people not bearing arms are conservatives.


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